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Our 3rd Cohort begins on February 17, 2020

Insurance success through innovation

Based at the core of one of the world’s leading insurance centres, Hartford InsurTech Hub is a collaboration of Insurance Carriers, City of Hartford Representatives and Community Stakeholders all focused on industry evolution through collaboration and innovation.

At the heart of the InsurTech ecosystem, we provide entrepreneurs from around the world with the support and resources designed to ignite powerful growth while driving investor connections and opportunities and helping existing Insurance Corporates to evolve with innovation at the center of their business.

What makes us different is our global reach, proven success, and our depth in industry knowledge. We don’t just talk about the need for innovation in the Insurance industry; we enable you to become innovative.

Hartford Insurtech Hub
Hartford Insurtech Hub

Our Scouting & Selection Process Explained

From July 2019 through September 2019, we traveled to the top InsurTech ecosystems around the world, supported by industry experts and partners in each city. We held 18 events in 9 countries and met with some amazing startups.

After a 2 day selection process, these are the final 11 startups that will make up our 2020 cohort,


Our Accelerated Startups


Wysa provides mental health support via a unique 3-layer hybrid model. They use an emotionally-intelligent AI conversational agent to provide immediate 24X7 support, helping users identify evidence-based self-help tools and techniques to work through challenging periods of their life. They can escalate users needing further support, to professional clinical psychologists. All of this is designed [...]


UDoTest is a B2B at-home disease Saas Platform that simplifies and personalizes at-home disease testing for high risk diseases, engages consumers and lowers costs. UDoTest designed as an at-home testing service that includes software and hardware, designed specifically for our client’s population. UDoTest's platform can be in-network and re-branded and the hardware is an at-home [...]


TauruSeer is a real-time, actionable insight that provides security and DevOps teams, engineering, and executives with the visibility and awareness to quickly remediate the highest-value opportunities that affect the assets you depend on. As the steward of aligning modern cybersecurity architecture and GRC to the Secure DevOps movement, and with the exponential adoption of cloud [...]


CareValidate is powered by a life-saving light bulb called SafeLight. CareValidate provides health, safety, and quality of care telematics to transform workers’ compensation, senior living, long-term care, life, and health insurance products with plug-and-play insurtech solutions. CareValidate comes from Georgia. To learn more about CareValidate, read our Spotlight Blog about their journey to Demo Day. Back [...]

See Your Box

See Your Box (SYB) provides Industrial IoT tools to digitize supply chains. SYB is a tech-service platform that collects, analyses and extracts information related to goods across all steps of the supply chain. With a platform built over 60 different services ranging from temperature control to real time pattern recognition, SYB offers the ultimate one-stop [...]


Medyear is a social network for healthcare collaboration. They connect consumers to over 190 health systems and 700k doctors for real-time chat, secure email, microblogging, and personal health records. Medyear offers users real time access to their own medical records and the ability to transfer and interact via real-time chat with medical professionals. To learn [...]


TrueDime from the United States, provides self-employed individuals - including freelancers, sole proprietorships and small business owners - with a benefits platform that meets their unique needs. Sign up today at: TrueDime Back to frontpage


Yaxa from the United States, provides a real-time risk monitoring and threat remediation platform for enterprises seeking to actively detect and block malicious behavior. Yaxa provides protection against user behavior driven threats - understanding the individual user’s normal data access patterns (file activities, login time, database, ssh, web apps etc.) and taking automatic action when [...]


ViewSpection from the United States, is an app and web platform that enables a policyholder to do their own property inspection, and that delivers a detailed, interior property survey to an Agent or Carrier within days compared to weeks with the traditional loss control inspection model. Beyond delivering a faster, more cost effective inspection report, [...]


Ubios from Canada, helps residential multi-tenant buildings prevent water leaks & lower their energy costs. Ubios' solution integrates IoT with AI to automate a building’s water security and energy usage. Back to frontpage


StaTwig from Singapore, employs blockchain and IoT technology to provide real-time, tamper-proof, end-to-end tracking that identifies problems and inefficiencies in any supply chain. Check them out at Back to frontpage


SecureHome from the United States, is a smart home IoT solution that provides critical security needed for every smart home. SecureHome's technology provides protection against cyber criminals attacking smart homes and small offices. With SecureHome, insurers can launch new personal lines of business for cyber protection, proactively manage their payout risks for property and casualty [...]

Rozie AI

Rozie AI from the United States, offers an AI platform to design personalized customer engagement and robust business intelligence solutions for enterprises. The emphasis on design and operations facilitates time to value, enabling Rozie AI to deliver technology that is easy to adopt and integrate into existing processes. Rozie AI takes a partnership engagement approach [...]

Pentation Analytics

Pentation Analytics from India, is a Big Data Analytics company that enables insurers and intermediaries to better engage with policyholders. Pentation Analytics' suite provides predictive intelligence and process automation tools addressing the core insurance use-cases of increasing retention, cross-sales and optimizing claims. Back to frontpage


Boundlss from Australia, helps health & life insurers attract, reward & retain healthy members, and understand & improve member health. Boundlss’ AI health assistant & conversational platform helps insurers deliver highly engaging, scalable preventative health, sales & claims conversations. Back to frontpage

Aureus Analytics

Aureus Analytics from India, is a customer intelligence and experience company that enables insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs to deliver superior customer experience, leading to greater retention, loyalty, and lifetime value. Aureus Analytics does this using predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver insights in simple English at the point of decision. Back to frontpage

Hartford Insurtech Hub 2.0 COMING SOON!

We are working hard on developing a Life, Annuity, Retirement, Long Term Care
and Employee Benefits program. If you are interested or would like more information, please get in touch with us.

The Accelerator will:

Strengthen the industry’s networks, by bringing together innovators, existing talent pools, and the City’s entrepreneurial community

Attract companies with technologies capable of creating process improvements within health, life and P&C insurance

Attract the attention of key investors to those startup companies emerging from within the Hartford region

Bring international ventures with an interest to build a business in the US and locate them within close proximity to the insurance community

    • Hartford InsurTech Hub offers myriad of growth and learning opportunities for insurers, brokers, and other corporate entities with an interest in insurance wanting to support a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem in the City of Hartford and on the East Coast
    • As a sponsor, you will be able to explore promising opportunities by gaining access to a global pool of early and late stage technology startups. We take the guesswork out of which startup would be the best fit for your business
    • You will also benefit directly from our program through innovation initiatives aimed at assisting you with your own innovation pain points
    • 1 accelerator per year, with 10 startups in each cycle
    • Startups with a working prototype and initial customer validation, a compelling insurance use case are invited to apply.
    • Startups will receive an cash grant of $25k; and 4 months of free office space for your team.
    • 3-month intensive program based in Hartford and an additional two months to work on projects with insurers
    • Access to the Startupbootcamp global mentors and investors network with deep field experience and expertise
  • Exposure to 100+ investors, mentors and influencers during the acceleration program, and again on Demo Day, from across the US and our international networks.


Themes that we’re looking to explore in the program

1. Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence have made the processing of large data sets possible. Progress in data analysis drives the ability to operationalize and embed these valuable insights into every area of a business. We are looking for startups able to leverage large quantities of external data sources and apply advance computer science and deep learning techniques to those, while enriching insurer key customer engagement processes.

2. The Connected World & Internet of Things

In our world, physical products like cars, assets and buildings gain digital importance through real-time connectivity and exchange of data. As they are able to operate in an optimal way without human involvement, they manage our daily lives and regulate our environment. In a home for instance, the door may learn to lock itself as we walk through. We are looking for solutions able to make the home, buildings, cars, fleets or our lives smarter and able to deliver improved prediction and prevention.

3. Health & the Future of Wearables

As devices become smaller, smarter and with us 24/7 they will be used to monitor our everyday moves. They will be able to monitor our activities, heartbeats, eating habits, prevent diseases as well as make the best of our emotions to enable health insurers to deliver better products and services. We are looking for startups that have a vision around the future of care and health that provides capabilities, which improves human’s lifestyle for the long term.

4. Robotics & Automation

Intelligent machines, process automation, intelligent bots, and robo-advisors will enable a wide variety of objects and software to make decisions and perform tasks on our behalf without human intervention. Driverless cars are good examples of the potential for automation and robotics. They can find the closest gas station, parallel park, avoid traffic, and keep distances from other vehicles. We are seeking startups able to combine a multitude of intelligent automation components to optimize business efficiency while delivering seamless customer interactions.

5. Cyber Security

As the digital world becomes our defacto way to learn, transact and engage, the risks posed by hackers and cyber security threats increase dramatically every single day. Today, a sizeable proportion of businesses do not have the necessary protections in place to prevent attacks that could result in the loss of customer data. In addition, while many insurers recognize cyber risk as a top issue, it does not always appear on the top priority list of many companies. We are looking for entrepreneurs that are developing solutions to protect the corporate and SME environment from cybercrime, but also delivering as a series of services targeted at many segments.

6. Blockchain for Insurers

Blockchain is emerging as a technology able to transform the insurance industry by making contractual agreements more secure and transparent. To ensure that we are certain about the things we do, the blockchain is seen by many as a central capability, able to take away the middleman from a series of transactions while making them cheaper and faster. Future smart contracts attached to blockchains are expected to bring clarity to the process of deal making and open opportunities to launch good and efficient micro or on-demand insurance products. While still new in insurance, we are looking for solutions able to streamline the most relevant areas across the insurance value chain.

7. Optimizing the Value Chain

Insurers are seeking the best options to digitize underwriting, claims management, or customer servicing processes and bring emerging technologies into environments heaving with legacy systems. Whether computer vision, image recognition, sentiment analytics, smart tagging or virtual assistants, we are looking for solutions able to utilize structured and unstructured data or content and interpret these to drive efficiency and effectiveness across error prone and costly insurance processes.


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Hartford InsurTech Hub, powered by Startupbootcamp, is getting ready for the third year of its Accelerator Program. The program is set to begin in early February, will run for 3 months and will provide 10 talented startups with the support, resources and industry experts they need to help grow their budding business. Hartford InsurTech Hub’s […]

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