What is an InsurTech Demo Day?

On April 18th, 2018, Hartford InsurTech Hub will host its first Demo Day, showcasing 10 of the most talented InsurTech startups ready to shape the future of the insurance industry.

Taking place at The Bushnell Belding Theatre, Hartford, our startups will present their businesses to a room packed with investors, insurers, mentors, and experts within the insurance and technology communities. The event will represent a celebration of the transformation that the startups have gone through and the results they have achieved since the beginning of the program in January.

The startups began their Hartford InsurTech Hub journey almost a year ago, when our team began its global scouting process to identify the best startups for the program’s inaugural cohort. Subsequent FastTrack events, followed by copious applications, lead to the top 23 startups being invited to Selection Days, from which the most impressive 10 were chosen to take part in the program. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics and Natural Language Processing combined with Cyber Security, Smart Home and Health Insurance, to name but a few, display the diverse range of technologies and insurance types that are exhibited by the cohort.

By the time we reach Demo Day, the startups will have spent three months of hard work, drive, and persistence scaling up their businesses. They have already worked tirelessly to hone their value proposition, refine their insurance use cases, shape their sales and marketing strategies, and identify the best growth hacks for their businesses. The teams must now combine all their learnings and perfect how they will present their unique stories to the world.

It all culminates on April 18th at The Bushnell. The theme for Demo Day is IGNITE, representing Hartford’s strengthening InsurTech ecosystem, and the surge of insurance innovation and entrepreneurial activity that is being fostered in the City.

Attend the event to see each of the startups in action, hear their stories, and meet and speak with them directly. You’ll also get the chance to network with the InsurTech community in Hartford and beyond, including investors, insurance professionals, serial entrepreneurs, and more. Register now to secure your place.

For those who can’t attend, we will be livestreaming the event on Twitter. Keep a lookout on our website and Twitter closer to the day of the event to find the livestream link. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to stay up to date with all the news relating to Demo Day.

Watch the video from last year’s Startupbootcamp InsurTech London Demo Day to get an idea of what to look forward to.


Hartford InsurTech Hub Startups

Aureus Analytics, from India, is a customer intelligence and experience company that enables insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs to deliver superior customer experience, leading to greater retention, loyalty, and lifetime value. Aureus does this using predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver insights in simple English at the point of decision.

Boundlss, from Australia, helps health & life insurers attract, reward & retain healthy members, and understand & improve member health. Boundlss AI health assistant & conversational platform helps insurers deliver highly engaging, scalable preventative health, sales & claims conversations.

Pentation Analytics, from India, is a Big Data Analytics company that enables insurers and intermediaries to better engage with policyholders. Pentation’s Insurance Analytics Suite provides predictive intelligence and process automation tools addressing the core insurance use-cases of increasing retention, cross-sales and optimizing claims.

Rozie AI, from the United States, offers an AI platform to design personalized customer engagement and robust business intelligence solutions for enterprises. The emphasis on design and operations facilitates time to value, enabling Rozie AI to deliver technology that is easy to adopt and integrate into existing processes. Rozie AI takes a partnership engagement approach with clients to build a joint vision, to continually optimize business operations and deliver aggregate intelligence.

SecureHome, from the United States, is a smart home IoT solution that provides critical security needed for every smart home. SecureHome’s technology provides protection against cyber criminals attacking smart homes and small offices. With SecureHome, insurers can launch new personal lines of business for cyber protection, proactively manage their payout risks for property and casualty policies, and collect key smart home data while delivering value to consumers very early in the customer acquisition cycle.

StaTwig, from Singapore, employs blockchain and IoT technology to provide real-time, tamper-proof, end-to-end tracking that identifies problems and inefficiencies in any supply chain.

TrueDime, from the United States, provides self-employed individuals – including freelancers, sole proprietorships and small business owners – with a benefits platform that meets their unique needs.

Ubios, from Canada, helps residential multi-tenant buildings prevent water leaks & lower their energy costs. Ubios’ solution integrates IoT with AI to automate a building’s water security and energy usage.

ViewSpection, from the United States, is an app and web platform that enables a policyholder to do their own property inspection, and that delivers a detailed, interior property survey to an Agent or Carrier within days, compared to weeks with the traditional loss control inspection model. Beyond delivering a faster, more cost effective inspection report, ViewSpection creates a deeper connection between the carrier, agent and the policyholder, involving them in the process and removing friction.

Yaxa, from the United States, provides a real-time risk monitoring and threat remediation platform for enterprises seeking to actively detect and block malicious behavior. Yaxa provides protection against user behavior driven threats – understanding the individual user’s normal data access patterns (file activities, login time, database, ssh, web apps etc.) and taking automatic action when users deviate from past patterns. Yaxa follows the concept – “trust but verify”.