Lessons Learned: Week 13

The theme for this week is New Adventures! As we prepared for some of our cohorts to move on to their next adventures, we also enjoyed a few adventures of our own to kick off the transition.  

Travel to new locations– Many of our startups have explored NYC before, however, a few never traveled on a train to the Big Apple For some of us local to Hartford, it was our first time taking the Hartford Line.  We enjoyed a quick trip to New Haven from Hartford, with the friendliest conductor, and we promised him we would promote the train on social media. A quick walk across the platform and we were on our way to NYC! The trip was much more convenient and relaxing than a car ride down I 91 South! The ride to NYC was full of games and entertainment (thanks Arek) and the CT shoreline scenery and lush greenery of spring delighted all of us!.

Try things outside your comfort zone: Being an entrepreneur always stretches you to try new things you have never done before.  You may be very uncomfortable but it is always a learning process. For me, this week it was being interviewed for the radio.  With a large microphone and someone across from you with a great radio voice, you push through it to promote our good work at Hartford InsurTech Hub. Click here to listen to the Face of CT Radio Interview, thanks to Aaron Kupec from WTIC 1080.

NYC is always a buzz: As we tracked along 8 miles of walking (or more depending on whose fit bit was tracking, we took in lots of sights along the way). We first arrived at the offices of Lowenstein Sandler to pitch to investors. All the startups were very polished from Demo Day and well received. Special thanks to Ray Thek from Lowenstein Sandler for hosting our startups who all made great investor connections!

Innovate is a ride: Our tour of the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in NYC demonstrated  innovation in action! What an exciting creative environment for developing new ideas and connecting companies to new technology.  We are happy to have Capgemini as partners in Hartford InsurTech Hub and look forward to the connections they will make for the startup alumni moving forward.  P.S. Thanks to the well stocked pantry which replenished all our hungry team before taking the long walk back to the train! Thanks to Shobha Meera, Shiva Balasubramaniyan and Conrad Wade.

Hartford MedTech a new challenge: Startupbootcamp is thrilled to be selected and partnering with Hartford Healthcare, Uconn and Trinity to be moving towards its next adventure a MedTech Accelerator in Hartford. The search has begun for the team that will support this effort. More information to follow shortly but read their most recent press release now.

Families starting and growing: As Matt from Talem Health Analytics returned from the Dominican Republic after attending Paul’s wedding a bit tired and recovering from some sunburn, we wish Paul and Julianne, many years of happiness and bliss!

We also celebrated Cinco De Bebé with the group and our COO Rob and his wife Covina.  We are thankful that the baby held out until after demo day but we are all anxious for her arrival now, as are the parents.  One last stop to everyone ‘s favorite Mexican restaurant El Pollo Guapo for too many tacos and cute baby gifts!

Bon Voyage: Saying goodbye to our startups who have become like family is always difficult, however, sending them off to reconnect with their families and experience their next adventure for continued growth always makes for a happy occasion!  Panya from Medyear hosted a fabulous barbeque to wish all a Bon Voyage.

A few of our startups got a head start to experience their next journey – Jay from CareValidate, Ori, and Tomer from Sky Watch, we know that no matter how you get there, whether it’s plane, scooter or boat, you will all shine!