Lessons Learned: Week Four

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold!


This adage held in many ways during our fourth week at Hartford InsurTech Hub as we welcomed a few new fresh faces including the VP of Product from Dream Payments,  a co-founder from Care Validate and the CTO of See Your Box.   The programme is designed to support constant communication between teams located in Hartford and their home bases, thus enabling each to pick up where the other team members left off quickly. This keeps the momentum and allows consistency in a surprisingly effective manner.


What was an additional joy was the opportunity to welcome the team’s significant others and family members to our fantastic city.  Being away from family for an extended period can be hard, and visits from those who matter most can be the bright spot of each week. We don’t underestimate what it means to participate in a programme sometimes located in an entirely different country for three months, so we appreciate and acknowledge the group effort from everyone involved.  As they say, “it takes a village,” so you have our thanks.


From a program perspective, this week’s challenge was focused on building on their current models to quickly create prototypes and test any new ideas. The rapid development of new ideas, revisions to their presentations, streamlined website formats, outlined customer journeys and focused value propositions create clarity and motivation.



The camaraderie amongst the startups has grown into real friendships, and this becomes apparent even more every day as they cheer each other on. Showing each other new tools they have learned and the old tools they have used for a while that work well.



Throughout all of the learning, food becomes a large part of what brings people together as it can be exhausting work! Arek shared his love of a traditional Polish pastry called Pączki by bringing enough to feed the masses. Many of us had never tried the pastry, and I can testify that it was yummy and worth every bite. Thanks, Arek for bringing in the treats!


On another note, our February social event took place last Thursday, the 28th, focused on blockchain and was co-hosted by Infosys and BlockchainCT. As always it’s helpful to have a few new people who have paved the way to ask questions of and bounce ideas off of. Our large crowd included 70 new friends to the Hartford InsurTech Hub and 50 old friends. A mixture of new and old was discussed with traditional insurance use cases like subrogation was discussed using very new blockchain technology. We thank everyone for their participation and of course our fantastic sponsors.  Watch out for our next event which is scheduled for March 20th.



Just a reminder, if you didn’t make our social last week, but are interested in exploring new ideas you might want to come to one of our weekly Pitch nights.  No registration necessary, just pitch up!  Join us here at the main building at 3.30pm on Thursday, March 7th.  Have a coffee, share or discover some new insight and a fresh perspective.


And finally, don’t forget to visit our MakerspaceCT on Friday, March 1st. I am personally inspired by this to make NEW things, and I know you will be too.



To close this weekly update, what springs to mind is that it is always comforting to hold on to what and whom we know. However, it’s also important to remember, considering a new idea or getting a new perspective can add some shine to your already wonderful proposition.