Lessons Learned: Week Three

Focus on your target, step in, and give it a go!

This week, the FLYY team arrived in the US to help challenge each startup so that they can create critical goals and demonstrate progress. Each startup has identified a business defining goal to move its valued proposition forward. Some of the action items may have been uncomfortable (e.g. cold calling) but they all stepped up to give it a go. When someone holds you accountable, they apply just enough pressure to make things happen. We’re excited to see how our startups grow as their workshops with the FLYY team continue this week.

When Susan Winkler from CTIFS works to strengthen and advance the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, she targets the talent and innovation here in our state. Her visit this week offered support to the up and coming InsurTech companies on behalf of all CTIFS member companies and reiterated Hartford is a great city to be an InsurTech company.

Our first pitch practice happened on Thursday and will happen every Thursday from here on out. Stop by on Thursday at 3:30 pm to hear the startups pitch. The door is always open to additional audience members. Supported by friends and colleagues who offered feedback and suggestions, the startups are all looking for a new pitch target for next week.

With our student interns from UConn and the University of Hartford sitting with their startups every week, they are stepping into their assignments. The energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to deliver gave each of the startups a boost towards reaching milestones.  

At the end of the week, we all spent some time at Pine & Iron in Hartford throwing axes where we were coached to focus on the target, step in and give it a go! We were joined by partners from The Hartford who were challenging competitors. Watch a quick video of how 2 startups hit the bullseye! Amazing!  

Challenge yourself this week to choose something difficult that you have been trying to achieve, tell someone else about it, step in and give it a go!