Mateo Fowler

Brand Ambassador at The Vault

Mateo Fowler started as Brand Ambassador at The Vault August of 2016. He has a career history of Media, Marketing, and Business Development. Mateo’s work at The Vault focuses on creating connections between Corporations, Universities, Governments and the startup ecosystem. He has help plan and markets several events that have been a great success for the Vault. He received his B.A. in Art (Graphic Design and Multimedia) and M.A. in Multimedia (Interaction Design) from California State University-East Bay.

Mateo has worked in the startup ecosystem for years. He was a Tech Blogger for years with tech blog Pop17 analyzing the development and growth of various startups. He also previously worked with startup Accelerators and Venture Partners like Momentum and PITME, where he worked with various startups.

Expertises: Branding, Business Development, Content Creation, Fundraising, Growth Hacking, Marketing, PR, Social Media
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