Spotlight: ClaimSpace

With a Touch of Australian Openness, the Claims Process will Never Be the Same

Head of Product and ClaimSpace Co-Founder Gilberto Spencer, along with CEO Aurora Voss have taken the bold move to relocate from their home in Sydney, Australia, to Hartford after being selected for the second Hartford InsurTech Hub’s cohort.

Providing insurance companies and their teams with the right tools to engage, support and empower their customers during the claim process, ClaimSpace is a web-based cloud SaaS platform that is changing the way that insurers think about customer experience.  Enabling end to end collaboration it brings together all parties involved throughout the process, supporting better collection and faster claim resolutions.

As we are completing our fifth week of the program, we sat down with Gilberto and Aurora to ask them about ClaimSpace and how their journey has been thus far in the program.

Where did the idea for ClaimSpace develop from?

Gilberto worked as a medical and disability claims manager for a number years, both for large carriers and third-party administrators. During the course of his career, he used dozens of different claims systems but found that none of them allowed him to communicate directly and transparently with claimants and collaborate efficiently with all claim stakeholders. On top of that, as someone managing large claims team, he and his colleagues had little to no control over the technology they were using. Having time and time again run into similar roadblocks in the process which could have easily been avoided he identified a gap in the market.

Why did you choose the name ‘ClaimSpace’?

Well, firstly our CTO Alfonso wanted something with the word ‘space’ in it! But really we wanted something straightforward that described what our technology enables: a collaborative meeting place where all stakeholders can work together to get the best possible claim outcome.

Who is your current targeted audience?

We are looking to work with emerging digital MGAs offering innovative insurance products in both P&C and Life/Health, to digitally native customers. This means that we can either engage directly with the MGAs or with carriers who are bringing new brands or products to market. We help them to deliver the same stellar experience during the claims process, that customers are getting at the point of sale. We also work with smaller to mid-sized carriers, particularly in the life space, who have not until now been able to or been incentivized to digitize their processes.


“ClaimSpace is changing the industry by giving insurers flexible, configurable
technology that can adapt with you as regulation, SLA and customer expectations shift.”

How do you think ClaimSpace is going to change the insurtech industry?

We believe that a lot of the technology being used by the carriers is overly complex and rigid, not allowing for the coming wave of change and adaptation that the industry is about to undergo. ClaimSpace is changing the industry by giving insurers flexible, configurable technology that can adapt with you as regulation, SLA and customer expectations shift. We think that claims staff should be in control of the technology they use to serve claimants, not big software consulting companies!

What made you want to join an accelerator program?

As an Australian startup looking to learn more about the US insurance industry, this program was a no brainer. The program team is dedicated and works hands-on with us to ensure we move and validate quickly. For those in the industry, Hartford is also kind of like the Hollywood of insurance, everyone is here, so it made sense to base ourselves here.

How has your experience in the accelerator program been thus far?

Fantastic. Because of the program, we have had a really soft landing here in the US. In a matter of weeks, we have been able to reach and start conversations with the biggest carriers all the way to emerging specialist MGAs. Because of the intense industry focus of the program and the great network of mentors, we have also been able to very quickly gather feedback from the industry to ensure that when we are talking to carriers, the offering is meaningful to them.