Why Creating ‘The Happiest City In the World’ Needs Entrepreneurs

We live in a time in which technology shapes how we work, live and play.

From the seamless integration of multiple specialized apps to AI-powered customer service chatbots — we no longer want technology to only perform specific tasks. We also want it to be advanced enough to intelligently manage tasks across all areas of life.

And as consumer technology continues to shape our lives, another idea has gained momentum: making the cities around us smarter.

Just as the mass adoption of technology has been rapid, so too has the pace of urbanization. With over two-thirds of the world’s population living in cities by 2050, the race is on for governments, policy makers and corporates to transform the cities around us.

We’ve seen how some of the futuristic predictions in transportation, finance, health, and manufacturing have started to take place, but have our cities lived up to the Back To The Future type hype?

The benefits of making our cities smarter are limitless, with two obvious outcomes being the dramatic increase in efficiency and sustainability. For one particular city, the focus has gone even further; to increase happiness.

Which leads me to our exciting news today as we open Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai.

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Journey Towards The Smartest Happiest City In The World

Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai will support innovative 40 startups working on IoT, connectivity, urban automation, smart transportation, open data, smart retail and government, and smart retail solutions over the next three years.

The program will play a significant part in supporting the city’s vision to become a world leader in smart technologies and make Dubai the happiest, smartest city on earth by 2021.

With this mission in mind, the program will work with innovative entrepreneurs from both the MENA region and around the world who are excited to leverage all the benefits Dubai has to offer.

Supported by both the private sector and the public sector including Du, RIT, Orange, VISA, DSOA, Dubai Chambers and Smart Dubai, startups selected for the program will have incredible resources to scale their solutions in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Todd OBrien will lead the program as MD, bringing his years of experience developing technology companies. During the next 3 months, Todd and the Startupbootcamp team will be traveling around the world to meet the most exciting startups interested in joining the program.

With applications open today, startups are encouraged to apply for the opportunity to contribute towards the creation of the world’s smartest and happiest city… Dubai.

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Read the press announcement here.

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