Dubai Smart City – Startup of The Week: B3 Digital Solutions

Our startup of the week is B3 Digital Solutions,  a software designed to help doctors deliver accurate and safer treatment at a higher scale. Specifically in Cancer, Diabetes and Cardiac care. B3 focuses on 3 main: areas, preventative care, diagnosis, personalized treatment.

Azhar Siddiqui, co-founder of B3 Digital Solutions gave us a few insights into their formation, journey, and experiences.

What is the founders’ background, education, and previous work history?

Azhar Siddiqui Studied Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Computer engineering, and information management. He worked for 17 years with different Information technology companies for health and other sectors as a solution designer.

What was the story behind founding your company idea?

Losing many relatives due to cancer has puzzled and disturbed me since childhood. It led me to set on a mission to contribute my knowledge and skills to solve complex health-related issues.

What is the problem you’re trying to solve? Why are you passionate about it?

My passion is to solve real-world problems through discovery, innovation and outside-the-box thinking. I am deeply passionate about healthcare, environmental problems and working on solving these questions:
A. How can survival rates be improved in chronic cases?
B. How can a better and safer cure be assured?
C. How can treatment be shortened and less painful?
E. How can healthcare cost be made globally affordable?
F. How can we solve other major health issues confronting us? Particularly in children, women, and the elderly population.

How many are in the team? – founders & employees

We are a team of 4 full-time and 8 part-time developers working on this product.
Azhar Siddiqui – Founder
William Power – Co-founder
Aditya Ajmera – Advisor

Where are you currently based? Why are you based there?

We are currently Based in Dubai with a product development and delivery center in India. We are here to build a success story in the MEA healthcare market and Smart City

Why did you apply to the Startupbootcamp program?

To accelerate and validate our business model. We were looking for a program to help us tune our business model, value proposition and help us prepare for the MEA market. Startupbootcamp is also the right program to seek partners, mentors, and investors.

What was the most significant lesson learned during the program?

Learning how to articulate more clarity on the business model, simplification of complex models, idea validation, business valuation, and pitch preparation.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

We simplified our pitch and business model. Partners day was the most significant event so far; we connected and got support from partners and we look forward to working with them.

What challenges have you faced as a founder? 

1- The overall lead conversion time or sales cycle is quite long especially reaching the right stakeholder.
2- Getting healthcare providers on-board our product validation and pilot.
3- Discovering the readiness for digital healthcare and especially precision medicine.
4- Meeting the regular OPEX and CAPEX expenses especially hiring quality resources and retaining them due to lack of funds.

Since joining the Startupbootcamp program, have you reached key milestones you’d like to share? 

We are going to start reaching out to investors with the help of Startupbootcamp are working towards the possibility of co-innovating and partnering with SAP and Microsoft. We are also very close to closing a deal with SEHA and working towards a deal with DHA. We signed a contract with FCSA for data analytics and are reaching out to Saudi and German markets for product validation and alpha-beta testing.

What is your vision for the future of your company? For example, where will you be in 5 or 10 years time?

We will be a global MedTech company with various solutions within its healthcare ecosystem for various healthcare problems.

Any Final words of wisdom

The world is interconnected and so are the problems. An open and collaborative culture can foster innovation. We should all come together and commit to solving pressing problems in the health and environment domain to ensure the sustainability of human life.

For more information about B3 Digital Solutions, visit their website.

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