Turn Your Venture into a High Growth Business – Why Apply to a FastTrack?

As the lazy, hazy days of summer are coming to a close, Hartford InsurTech Hub is gearing up for a trailblazing autumn. We spent our summer planning our FastTracks and now with flights booked and venues reserved, our world tour is underway. Our team is traveling all around the globe in search for the most innovative startups for our third program and we hope you’re just as excited as we are for Selection Days in November!

In the span of two months, our team will visit seven countries and sixteen cities. This means dozens of flights, countless trains, a few ubers and a vast number of AirBnBs and hotels. As a team, it’s been weeks since we’ve been together so we are eagerly counting down the days until our final FastTrack in Hartford. 

Finding startups has become both an art and a science, a nuance our team has perfected. Countless mentors tell us that the companies we recruit to participate in the Hartford InsurTech Hub program and the FastTrack events are high caliber. Here’s an inside look into how we select the best of the best:


  1. Data, Data & More Data: For the last two recruitment years, individuals have asked if we have created a startup database. Given new entrants, exits, and pivots that occur with startups, the data needs to be refreshed constantly. This means that our startup recruitment list is evolving daily – it’s almost taken on a life of its own! Our talented scout Leland Holcomb (follow his journey on Instagram with the hashtag #WhereInTheWorldIsLeland) and our team of knowledgeable scouts in Cairo, Egypt, spend weeks creating and cleansing our ever-evolving startup database. One of the reasons for our success is the global network that our Rainmaking and Startupbootcamp family has to offer. With their network, we are able to scout international startups that may not have originally been in our sights. We are thankful for their partnership. However, we acknowledge how fortunate we are to be able to pick and choose the best insurtech startups that we believe would thrive and grow in our three-month accelerator program. We have put a lot of time and energy into perfecting our recruitment style. 
  2. Filtered With Feedback: Given our deep insurance knowledge and with the help of our partners and mentors, together we are able to quickly assess the top 30-40% of companies in the insurtech industry. As a team, we come together to determine the startups that will be the most impactful in the insurance industry. The majority of the feedback we use to determine which startups are best suited for the accelerator program comes from the mentors that attend our FastTracks. We could not achieve the level of success without the unwavering commitment and support of our mentors. Mentors offer unique perspectives and ask thoughtful and revealing questions that stimulate lively discussions. It is our in-person interactions that set our program apart from our competitors. We are truly grateful for our mentors’ personal and professional investment of their time and talents. If you are currently a mentor of the Hartford InsurTech Program, we encourage you to sign up for a Fast Track in a city near you: apply here. If you actively participate in the program and are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out the mentor application: apply here. 
  3. Promote Hartford: When recruiting startups to the Hartford InsurTech Hub’s Accelerator Program, we share statistics, success stories, and alumni feedback. Our best spokespeople are the alumni! We appreciate their amazing energy, positivity and unwavering support for the program and encourage any startup on the fence about applying for the FastTrack or for the program to reach out to one of our many alumni. They will give you a positive and unfiltered perspective they received from the program. 
  4. Hospitality, Free Lunch and Giveaways: Whoever said there was no such thing as a free lunch? Our FastTracks would not be possible without the generosity of our partners, sponsors, investors, and friends who deliver first-rate hospitality, amazing workspaces and free give-aways to our startups. We thank our FastTrack hosts for helping us create the perfect innovation vibe events! 


Our international FastTrack tour comes to an end in our hometown Hartford on October 1st. This FastTrack will be buzzing with activity as we return back to our headquarters, and our partners will receive the first choice for the spots we have available. If you are interested in participating or are curious to ask Leland about his international travels, please apply or RSVP for the Hartford FastTrack today.

Welcoming new program partners: In exciting news regarding the program, we are thrilled to announce three new partnerships that will bring their own value and talent to the accelerator program. We’re thrilled to announce that Locke Lord, LKP Global Law, and Conning have all recently committed to supporting the program. Our partner and mentorship community is constantly evolving and we’re elated to have the support from more innovative companies.

Conference Season: Autumn is beginning in Hartford, and with that, conference season begins. InsurTech conferences can often be an overload of information and many attendees and speakers offer their advice and enjoy sharing case studies. We are listening to the marketplace and this year, we are focusing on outcomes; many companies focused on hitting their companies’ KPI’s. The first conference we’ll be attending will entail my keynote address Internet of Insurance. I hope to impart how asking the right questions is key in delivering innovation within your company. In September at InsureTech Connect, we are hosting an Innovation Workshop with Capgemini on September 23rd. Our two teams will facilitate the event, guiding you to ask the right questions, teaching you techniques and skills that will ultimately lead your organization to design a roadmap that you can implement in your corporation when you return to the office. If you are interested in attending the event with representatives from your organization, please email dawn@startupbootcamp.org for more information.